Rug Care

When you buy a piece from Peter Linden you acquire a hand woven heirloom that has been lovingly cared for by its previous owners. Continue to look after it well and your heirloom will provide pleasure and even investment value for future generations. Here are some basic points to remember:

  • Always use an underlay when placing rugs on hard floors. Peter Linden supplies Multigrip rubber underlay free with all purchases. For rugs on fitted carpet where there is a tendency to "creep" we supply Stabitex non-slip underlay.
  • Turn the rug around once or twice a year. This will prevent spot wear in exposed areas; it will also help prevent spot fading in rugs exposed to strong light.
  • Keep the rug clean and free of grit. Gentle vacuum cleaning is fine, as is gentle sweeping with a brush. Slights stains can be spot treated using ordinary rug detergents and soap. A full wash treatment is recommended every 8-15 years and should only be performed by Peter Linden or recommended specialists.
  • For wine, tea or coffee stains, apply fizzy water and blot dry. Never use salt as it is a fixant that will absorb moisture but retain colouring in the stained area.
  • Protect your rugs from moth damage during the spring and summer. There are several products on the market such as sprays and moth strips that provide good protection.
  • If you keep rugs in storage, insert a few moth strips in each piece and roll up. Cover with plastic or bubble wrap but pierce a few holes for ventilation. Never store rugs in dark or damp places without moth protection.
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